Martin Bland

PhD, MSc, DIC,
Professor of Health Statistics,
Dept. of Health Sciences, University of York
York, England
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Martin Bland

Martin Bland is Professor of Health Statistics in the Department of Health Sciences, University of York. He leads and teaches an M.Sc. module in Clinical Biostatistics and leads and jointly teaches a module on Measurement in Health and Disease. He also contributes sessions to M.Sc. modules in Research

Methods, Biostatistics in Research Practice, and Systematic Reviews. He is involved in short course on Clinical Trials, Statistics for Clinical Trials, and Epidemiology and Statistics.

He is particularly interested in the design and analysis of studies of medical measurement and in cluster sampling in both clinical trials and observational studies. He was involved in several clinical trials in human medicine such as ICSS, a comparison of angioplasty and stenting with surgery for the

treatment of occlusions of the carotid artery.

He is on the editorial board of Statistical Methods in Medical Research. He is author of An Introduction to Medical Statistics and Statistical Questions in Evidence Based Medicine and together with Douglas Altman writes the Statistics Notes series in the British Medical Journal..